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Sample our delicious selection of whole grain breads baked fresh daily.


Experience the perfect buttery, flaky pastry crust in each of our pastries.


Try delectable cakes of all sizes, made to order or fresh slices at the counter.


What's that? You haven't had our cinnamon rolls? Oh, you poor soul.


Choose our sumptuous classic brownies and your life will change (at least it will feel that way for a while.) Or, add walnuts for the perfect nutty twist.

Our history

More Than Twenty-Five Years Experience

More than twenty years ago, the lack of healthy baked goods products while living in Puerto Rico motivated me to learn about baking and decided to start a wholesale wholesome bakery to offer healthy options to people, such as bread and granola.

A Specialty Artisan and All Natural Bakery

A specialty artisan and all-natural bakery, focusing on whole grain, no preservatives, no GMO ingredients. Servicing all individuals interested in a healthier lifestyle and high quality baked goods options.

Made From Scratch

Our products are artisanal, baked from scratch, and manufactured in a vegan-vegetarian facility using the finest quality natural ingredients available and avoiding the addition of preservatives. We advocate a whole-grain/high-fiber lifestyle and always try to incorporate whole grains in our recipes whenever possible.

A Wide Variety of Hand-Made Products

Our products are hand-made fresh from scratch and baked daily. We have an excellent Artisan sourdough bread line, whole grain bread line, rolls, buns, cakes, vegan cheesecakes, cookies, banana bread, pastries, granola, and fruit rolls.
"We ordered some sweet rolls. They were very good! We will be back for sure." Sherry P.
"We’re dedicated to producing delicious, nourishing bread and desserts for people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy well-prepared baked goods without chemicals or preservatives." Dante Santana
"I bought a couple of loaves of bread and some sweet treats here last week. We are very impressed with the quality and flavors. We'll be back!" Laura M.
"We tried chocolate cake and bought some sweets and it was really good. Everyone was friendly we will visit again!" Alahna V.


While living in Puerto Rico more than twenty years ago, the lack of healthy baked goods motivated Dante to learn about baking. As a result, he decided to start a wholesale wholesome bakery to offer healthy options like bread and granola to his community. The rest is history.


Baking good quality, wholesome products had always been in my blood. It's a blessing to serve you with wholesome, affordable baked goods!

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